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Chapter # 3 Frequency Coordination


The Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) supports a volunteer group of over 100 Broadcast Auxiliary frequency coordinators nation wide.

The Federal Communications Commission has recognized the efforts of this group to help prospective licensees determine what auxiliary frequencies are available for use for either short term remote pickup applications or long term studio-to-transmitter links. When a form 313 is filed with the FCC, one of the questions that must be answered is: "Is there a Local Broadcast Auxiliary Coordinating Committee in the area of operation? (Yes/No)

If Yes, and the Committee has been contacted, give the person(s) contacted and their phone numbers, including area code."

Local Broadcast Auxiliary frequency coordinators act as data base administrators, facilitating licensee to licensee contact. They do not actually assign frequencies. In some cases experienced coordinators may suggest that a particular frequency may be appropriate, but the ultimate responsibility for determining whether a frequency can be used, reused, or shared rests with the applicant. That determination must, of course, be consistent with the permissible uses and priority of communications specified in the FCC rules.

Please visit the national SBE web-site for most current list of frequency Coordinators.


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