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June Last revision May 30, 2018

Next Meeting: We will meet June 12, 6:30 PM, at the Robert Nelson home N.E. Of Emporia for our annual Chapter 3 Picnic and business meeting. The Chapter will furnish meat, bread and drink. Bring your shotgun and ammo for a clay shoot, or an oddity you think others might enjoy, along with a side dish for the meal, and enjoy a summer evening in the Flint Hills. Our May event was canceled when the route for the The Black Magic Design Truck tour was changed, eliminating Kansas due to time concerns in making required arrangements.

Ten members and guests gathered Tuesday March 13 at KTWU studio conference room for our business meeting and program.

Our business meeting was opened at 7:30 PM by Chairman Bob Locke.
The Treasurer's report was given by Chairman Bob Locke. The minutes of the past meeting were approved as published in the Chapter 3 Newsletter, on motion of Gary Krohe, seconded by Martin Heffner, and vote of those present. Vice Chairman Duane Loyd reported on upcoming programs.

There will be no April meeting in deference to NAB in Las Vegas. There is a possibility that the Black Magic Van will be coming through Kansas in May. The schedule and route will be checked to see if the itinerary can include Wichita or Topeka. If so we may be able to change our regular second Tuesday meeting a day or two either way to accommodate being able to see a much greater variety of Black Magic gear than was possible tonight. Keep tuned, as they say, for further developments.
KAB Engineering Day will occur in October in Wichita, usually on a Monday. Our Chapter 3 meeting and Chapter Officer elections will also occur at that venue. Duane will be checking with Kent Cornish, KAB's President and Executive Director, to coordinate for programming of interest to engineers on that day.

Robert Nelson reported he had received a request from Kent Cornish for a representative from the Broadcast Engineering community to sit in on a panel at the annual KAB Student Seminar. KAB sponsors annually a Student Seminar for high school and college students who have an interest in pursuing a broadcast education and career. The 2018 Student Seminar is set for April 3 at the K-State University Union in Manhattan. It will include a half day of panels and round table discussions to acquaint students with the future of broadcasting, career opportunities, and the real world of broadcasting. There will also be a job fair for graduating college seniors.

Check in at http://kab.net/Programs/StudentServices/AnnualStudentSeminar/ for a tentative schedule and registration form.
If anyone is available and willing to participate in this event, it should qualify for re-certification points at SBE when you renew. Contact Robert Nelson or Kent Cornish if you are interested or desire more information.

There being no other business, the business meeting adjourned at 7:54 PM to the program for the evening on motion of Gary Krohe, seconded by Duane Loyd, and vote of those present.

Our program was arranged by Raun Hamilton of Southwest Audio/Video, and presented by Bob Caniglia, Director of Sales Operations for Black Magic in the Americas. Our thanks to Bob and to Black Magic for providing a pizza supper and soft drinks before the meeting began. Bob brought three new Black Magic products tor our inspection, and included several others in his Power Point presentation. He talked about the 4K camera with its many adapters & options. It is capable of portable or studio operation, and is rather inexpensive for all it does.

It can operate with a fiber optic link for up to about 1 miles, and includes tallies, intercom, camera out audio/video, 3 return videos, etc. plus 200W of 12VDC power! The camera control unit is not yet in full production, but Bob told us some of its features. It can control up to 20 cameras! That is expected to ship yet this summer. The CCU's operate at 4K, but can output HD. Black Magic does frequent free updates on software for various gear they produce. There are so many one needs to keep track of your gear as shown on Twitter to be sure you are current. Prices for the 4K Camera body, and both ends of the fiber link, is $3.5K (minus lens). He also showed a HD switcher with 4 SDI and 4 HDMI inputs, supporting all formats up to 1080p60! ATEM TV Studio has resync on all inputs so you get clean switching whether using professional or consumer cameras. The multiview output shows all sources, preview & program on a single screen, aux out, built in talkback, two still stores, an audio mixer, camera control unit and more! ATEM Television Studio Pro HD has the same features plus an integrated professional broadcast hardware control panel and additional CCU controls.

 …Our thanks to Black Magic, Bob Caniglia, and Raun Hamilton.

Ahhhh.... Pizza

Ah...Pizza!  Need more be said?

Thirty-five years ago, our current chairman, Bob Locke, then a Microwave and RF Engineer for KSN, was in attendance at the SBE-3 meeting in Salina. Besides an RF Spectrum Analyzer, one of the featured products shown by Chuck Hilger at that meeting was the Tektronix 380 Video test set. It integrated several video tests into one instrument, making life easier for the microwave engineer. Bob took a good long look at it, and was heard to exclaim: "Sell one of the stations if you have to, but get one of these!" The Tektronix 380 was used in NTSC video systems and functioned as a precision Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope or general purpose Oscilloscope. As a Waveform Monitor, it had Flat frequency response of 0-5 Mhz 2%; a full set of filters including: -Chroma band pass -IRE or low pass -Differential phase and gain Its Coupling included AC, DC, or DC restored. Its vertical Input had Probe or Loop Through. As a Vectorscope, the model 380 could display; full field or vertical interval signals, and was likely the first field scope to do so. It also decoded R-Y (or V) and Line sweep display was provided.
As an Oscilloscope, it had a time base from 50ms to 0.2μs per Div., and positive or negative slope trigger. Being used to working with an Eico 460, which had a much dimmer screen and few of the above features, it's no wonder Bob got excited.

Thirty-five years ago was also my first effort at producing the combined meeting notice/newsletter for Chapter 3 SBE, the previous editor having been Brad Dick. The mailing was one side of a standard letter sheet, and the master was produced on a nonelectric typewriter, then copied on a Xerox copy machine. There were no personal computers, and no e-mail It was produced just as described and delivered exclusively by USPS. Be it noted: Multimedia CableVision, who had purchased KSN Cable TV, supplied paper, copier services, and postage for that first newsletter, I did. Cablevision in Wichita from that time through Multimedia and then Cox, who purchased it, has continued to provide this service for our chapter, and as such, is definitely the oldest continuous sponsor of our SBE Chapter 3 Newsletter.

My how things have changed! The newsletter now consists of six to eight pages, with eight to nine publications most years. It is assembled on my personal laptop computer using software similar to Adobe Page Maker, which allows placement of pictures anywhere on a page, multiple columns, and with many features that make the process so much easier. An earlier version of the same program prints labels from a member database.

I just saw on the 10 PM TV News that the state of Kansas now has an official gemstone, called Jelinite. Is it made from fossilized Jello? I have never heard of such a mineral.

While I was composing a report the other day, and was trying to insert a pix from the wireless printer/fax/scanner when it bogged down. I was just before lunch and my wife had begun warming some soup in the microwave. It was just a hunch, but I stopped for lunch, and when I went back to my project, the delays had resolved themselves. It proved to be the microwave causing interference in the wireless data. Of course, I checked to see if there were any obvious leaks from food on the door seal, which did not appear to be the cause. Thinking about it, if the wireless transmitter were 100 mW, that could be a power difference of at least 41.5 dB. I think my router is dual band, but the printer may not be, and its receiver may not be very selective either. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I use the printer.

KAB Pres. Kent Cornish, advises the FCC is updating its policy on C Band usage. As a result, they are requiring a reassessment of all satellite communication sites. It sounds as though someone may be wanting access to the C Band for uses not previously allowed, but for what ever reason, if you have a C Band earth station, action is mandated. Kent writes:

"The FCC has opened a 90-day window during which entities that own or operate existing FSS earth stations in the 3.7-4.2 GHz band may file an application to register or license the earth station if it is currently not registered or licensed, or may file an application to modify a current registration or license, in the International Bureau Filing System (IBFS). As parties who have
receive-only C-Band dishes are currently not required to register (though registration does accord them some protection from microwave users in the band), the FCC currently has no information about the total universe of users. So the FCC has imposed a freeze on the filing of registrations for new users of the spectrum, but allowed existing users to register on or before July 18."

This action quickly caused concerns with small station owners for unbudgeted fees brought on by this new FCC mandate. Kent replied:

"Following my earlier email regarding this, several of you have inquired about the FCC's fees for registering C Band earth stations. Registration and frequency coordination are necessary to avoid interference from future 5G broadband systems that will be located in the C-Band. I learned this morning that the NAB plans to file with the FCC to ask for a reduction or waiver of the fees. NAB expects to have something more definitive next week. I know it is a significant expense, especially for small radio stations. We will be following this issue closely, and will work with NAB to see if we can obtain relief for stations."

Time quickly passes. If you are affected by these actions and have not yet decided what to do, please contact Kent at KAB.net to get up to speed and find your best course to follow.

I have been thinking recently on the rate of change in technology, and I have been putting off re-reading Toffler's Future Shock, but it may be time to do so. Perhaps my situation may be a case of being dragged into the present reality kicking and screaming, but your editor finally ordered a 3G cell phone after his spouse decided maybe she did need a cell phone after all. She had one for a while, a prepaid unit, but decided she wasn't getting enough value for the money being expended, and let it lapse. Recently, as she was watching one of the shopping networks, a TracPhone offer was made. It was a Samsung J3 phone with a prepaid card for 1500 minutes of voice, 1500 messages, and 1.5 GB of data included, along with free shipping and activation, for less than $90, so it was ordered. One of our main concerns with cell phones, even from the time I first got one just after one of our great granddaughters was born (now just turned 12) was coverage while we were camping - usually within a 50 mile radius of home. That concern has long since been eliminated, and the next concern was cost. I have been able to get by on my prepaid plan with a major carrier (the big "V") for about $10/month, since I don't pack it with me most of the time. I put the word out to our kids that I don't use it for casual conversation, and they have honored that, calling our home phone first. However, it occurred to me the other day as I was getting ready to go someplace, that I really had a lot of pieces to pack. The list goes something like this:

Hearing aids in with fresh batteries?
Personal Digital Assistant in pocket and fully charged? (Fondly referred to as my digital brain)
Find cell phone. Is it charged?
Maybe find the GPS unit and its cable.

It gets to be a circus, and maybe it is time for me to at least consider a consolidation of devices and functions into one piece of gear that will handle all of the above. My wife's new phone arrived and was easily set up. Our concerns with coverage were alleviated when we saw the carrier for TracPhone was Verizon (at least in this area), and the probable cost after the present prepaid card expired in one year, is something like $11/month. That being said, I ended up ordering one of the same phones myself. My current account has built up to in excess of $80, which I don't really want to lose, so I probably won't activate my new phone until I use enough of the current account down that can let go of the last $15 or $20, in order to switch accounts. Probably my tightfisted nature, I suppose, but it is my money. However, I must admit, it has been pleasurable contemplating the ability to download some apps I have long wanted to try, but that my current PDA battery will not support for daily use, at least without spending more time on the charger than actual time in use. I will have to reflect on this subject again later this summer, to see if the my acceptance of change of technology in my life was worth the bother, the money expended, and giving up some more of my privacy to the purveyors of data concerning my habits and personal preferences. 30

The Black Magic URSA mini Pro 4K The world's first digital film camera with professional broadcast camera features and controls!

Marty Heffner hefts the Black Magic 4K URSA camera to test its weight and balance. The ATEM HD Switcher and Fiber Optic unit that can relay pix from the camera up to 2 Km (1.2 mi.), provide 3 return videos and 200 W @ 12 VDC back to the camera.

Gary Porter

Gary Gene Porter

Rest in peace

Gary Gene Porter, 80, retired Broadcast Television Engineer, passed away at his Viola home, on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Proceeded in death, were his parents, Gene and Evelyn Porter, and his beloved wife, Waunette Dee (Sandy) Porter.

Gary spent over 50 years in the field of Broadcasting in Wichita, both in Engineering and in TV Production. During this time for many years he was also very active in Law Enforcement, which included the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office and the Office of the Kansas Attorney General. During his spare time, he also helped his Dad during harvest and planting seasons on the family farm.

Gary was my co-worker from the early days of KARD/KSN and hired on about three months before I began my career there. However, he never accumulated the seniority I did, because he would quit during wheat harvest and help his dad get the crop in. KSN would not give him that much leave, so he quit. He was good enough help that they always hired him back when harvest was completed, and he asked to come back to work. Later after KSN had been parted out and various divisions had sold off (refrigeration and cold storage, FM radio, Time Base Corrector and Character Generation production, and Cable TV), Gary came to work for Multimedia Cablevision and served as engineer for the ad insertion department.

During his lifetime, Gary was an active member of the Viola Lions Club, Masonic Lodge #269 of Conway Springs, Midian Shrine Antique Auto's, Charter member of the Midian Riders, CPBE of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, past Chairman and Board member of the Wichita Chapter of UsTOO Inc., a Prostate Cancer support group. A memorial was established to the Viola Fire Dept. Toward the end, Gary lived as well as one can when they have contracted COPD. I hope this writing finds him enjoying clear, cool, abundant air, which comes so easily one no longer has to strive for it.

Newsletter Editor: R.W. Abraham

CPBE / CBNT Regional Engineer Cox Cable Wichita Retired


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