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September Last revision Sept 3, 2020

Next Meeting: We will meet Tuesday September 08, 7:30 PM, via Zoom in a virtual meeting. Robert Nelson will send a link to chapter members. If you are not a chapter member and wish to attend, email Robert [see box below] to request a link. Our program will be given by John Schilberg of Utah Scientific, who makes switches and routers for broadcasters and other users. CoVid-19 prevents our meeting in person, and that may continue until a working vaccine is well distributed, so join us online !

Last Meeting:
Nine members met online Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 7:30 PM hosted by Robert Nelson who set up at Zoom meeting. Robert called the meeting to order at 7:46 PM John Langer reported on future meetings, as best as can be known at this time. September 8 we plan to meet in Dole Hall on theKSU Campus, probably with John Schilberg of Scientific Utah. October 21 will find us online again, likely in the afternoon of KAB's Virtual meeting.

The SBE-3 Officer election results will be announced at that meeting, and we may have a presentation by Nautel. November plans call for us to be in Emporia, probably at the Congregational Church that Robert Nelson attends, to see the newly installed vMix streaming product installed by Ron Jones of Jones Audio. Probably after the first of the year, we plan to tour S&Y in Winfield, KS, hosted by Martin Heffner. S&Y does printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, etc.

Marty has to finalize details on this tour. Chairman Robert Nelson gave the Treasurer's report for Bob Locke, who was out of state.

This is a page from the Utah Scientific website. Click on Utahscientific.com then on the resource tab to see the goodies they've got there.

Robert then called for a round robin of attendees to see what they had been doing during the pandemic. Rod Rogers is still working, and as busy as he wants to be. Robert Nelson announced Monte of Rockin' M Radio was looking to hire an engineer. He referred him to SBE's page, so you may want to check there. Dick Abraham said he and his wife had been staying home, just sitting, looking at each other for the most part. John Langer, said he had finished his studies, and had been ordained this past June. He has been busy since with preaching and assisting in Mass. His wife has opened in a larger shop, and can accommodate clients in her hair style shop better with proper CoVid protocol.

Tracy Gibson and his wife Pam have been doing pretty good. Tracy developed a hearing problem in one ear lately, and will probably be looking at purchasing a hearing aid.

Robert Nelson had had a similar occurrence and had a pronounced loss in his right ear, but mostly above 4KHz, which left most of the speech range intact. Robert also just had a new windshield installed in his car after being caught out in a hail storm. Duane Loyd is doing OK. Vern Wirka and his wife have been traveling to upper NY state to make arrangements for her mother's care. They did run into some CoVid quarantine problems, but fortunately were able to ride that out in their Winnebago. They may have to go again in December.

Marty and his wife have not done much either. Marty says he has put fewer miles on his car than he can ever remember. Bryce LeGrand says they are celebrating his daughter being off for college. Their son is a senior at KU, ajoring in Sports Management. Robert Nelson noted SBE Frequency Coordinators are being offered a stipend of $600/6 mo for assisting in the spectrum repack. He and several others are doing this service as volunteers rather than taking pay for it. He says there isn't that many requests for coordination going on in Kansas anyway.

The program was assembled by Robert Nelson from an audio cassette tape, and a slide presentation which he married together, then added open titling since there was a drop out or two on the audio. It was titled "A History of Radio in Kansas", much of which told the story of John R. Brinkley, better known as Doc Brinkley. Yes, the infamous doctor who in the 1920's offered men a rejuvenization for $750 by transplanting goat glands into them. His medical enterprise grew in Milford from the abovementioned operation to prescribing medicines for the masses, even to the point that he developed an alliance with regional pharmacists who carried his favored drugs. He benefited from that by a 20% kickback. He was a personable man, and grew in favor with the public as he made himself known to them over radio station KFKB in Milford as he realized the potential of radio's ability to reach the masses. While his image with the public grew, he was also being noticed by the legitimate medical profession and the State of Kansas for what they considered were fraudulent advertising and practices. Eventually he lost his right to practice medicine in Kansas, and his radio license at the federal level. In an effort to change things that were affecting him adversely he ran by write in vote for Governor of Kansas against Harry Woodring.

There were several thousand of those votes challenged on the basis of incorrect spelling and for any of several reasons those tallying votes could think of. He was considered an outsider and local politicians did not plan to suffer from his aspirations. Finding he was unable to gain power in Kansas, he moved his operation to Mexico, building a very high powered (for the times) AM radio station there. It was assigned call letters XER, but XERA was more to Doc's liking and he began using those call letters around 1932-34. The station was primarily used to promote Brinkley, but he understood the desires of his audience and provided good orchestral music and popular programming. He began with 50 KW, but increased power as soon as he was able. Brinkley hired the very best people he could find to run his operations. His Chief Engineer, Jim Weldon was an expert in high power transmitters, and he designed and built eventually, a 500 KW AM on the clear channel! Weldon left the operation and later began Continental Radio. In years to come he built several high powered radio stations for Voice of America. Brinkley figures into Kansas Radio History mainly because he realized and capitalized on the potential of mass communication offered by radio most successfully, making him a pioneer in that respect. Eventually, KFBI bought Brinkley's Milford station. Other stations were attaining success in Kansas as well. KFH installed the first vertical radiator, and Paul Arendt worked in Salina at KSAL, later to move to Chicago as Paul Harvey. KGGF was another early Kansas station in Southeast Kansas, and remains on the air in Coffeyville with the same call letters. KFH has the distinction of exchanging frequencies with KNSS.

KNSS became very popular in modern times with their talk show format, and was looking for a way to expand coverage. There was no spectrum available that was not limited in power and did not have directional requirements, and since both stations had come under the same ownership, it seemed the logical thing to do. Several items were discussed, such as the original anacronyms for various station call letters. Rod Rogers, long time Salina resident, used to work with Sherwood Parks who had a large part in assembling the material that went into the program we saw this evening. Although we do not know for sure who narrated the audio for this program, Rod says this definitely was not Sherry's (Sherwood) voice. He had a very distinctive voice. Robert Nelson says he will do some research to see if the narrator can be determined so proper attribution can be made to the program for all parties involved in its production.

Our thanks to Robert Nelson for working on this program. He did a great job timing the audio and video together, then added captioning (both open and closed versions) to the DVD. From the conversation that followed the show, it was enjoyed by all who saw it. Our program stood adjourned at 09:19 PM and the trip home was short for all who attended our virtual, but very successful chapter meeting.

Nominees for Officers for SBE-3 2020-2021 are as follows:
Chair: John Langer, KSU.
Vice Chair: Robert Nelson, KSU.
Secretary Treasurer: Robert Locke, KPTS-Retired.

Provision will be made for write in votes, but they must be legible, and the nominee must be willing to serve in that office, if elected. The election will be virtual this year. Chapter members will be sent an e-mail ballot, which must be returned as specified via USPS mail, postmarked and received by the SBE-3 election officer by at least one business day prior to the election, 5:00 PM, Wednesday October 21.

The election results will be tallied and results will be read at the SBE-3 Virtual meeting held near the end of Engineering Day at the KAB meeting this year on Thursday October 22, Robert Nelson will send a link for a zoom meeting for the SBE-3 chapter meeting and for results of the election.

We've been camping for the past week and the remote control for our RV TV died. It got to where it would work, but only after the ambient temperature got warm, then continued to work less and less until it is only a piece of non-functioning gear. I think it had been dropped one too many times. I finally gave up and bought an RCA Universal remote replacement at Walmart. It is a multifunction, multi-model unit and most of the instructions deal with selection the proper code from the sheets they supply with it, so it knows what set of instructions to broadcast. Several codes were supplied for this model, so you must try each one to see which offers the most useful number of functions. The factory supplied remote would extract future programming data from the PSIP information streamed out. The new one does not seem to be able to present that data, nor does the hyphen button act as a separator for the OVA stations from the multiple channels that channel may broadcast. You are left with entering a channel number below what you want then hitting the channel up button before it decides it can't move up the 1.75 MHz required for the tuner to be centered on the digital bandwidth being sent on that channel. It could be worse. At least it turns the set on reliably, if I haven't inadvertently hit the VCR or DVD button before I tried to turn it on. Then I have to hit the TV button first, prior to the power button so it knows to whom it should be speaking! I shouldn't complain so much I guess. We have 22+ channels available since we have gone digital, rather than the two or three we used to get with NTSC. … and its nice we are parked inside a triangle of towers between Hutchinson and Wichita, rather than 60 miles away. 30.

My thanks to so many of you who did take time to check with me out of concern that I did need some assistance, as written by whom ever decided to hack my email account. An unfortunate thing, that taught me you can't let your guard down for a minute, because there are people out there just waiting for the second you get distracted and take the bait. It took me a good day and a half to reset passwords on all my email and social media accounts, then getting all the cell phones and tablets to work on those accounts again. The Spam and Trash folders of my email are bulging since I got hacked recently. We had been camping and I took the bait when frustrated with the slowness of the unsecured WiFi at the RV Park. I was also agitated at the recent BIOS change made by HP on my computer which causes wild swings in screen zoom, and other unpredictable actions when anything comes near the touchpad. Anyway, in the middle of all this, up pops a notice from Cox [it said] that my mail box was exceeding limits I set and I needed to re-validate my email with them. It took them about a day before they had all of my contacts and began send out a request to assist me. It looked quite valid, and the from address looked OK too. I will forward that email to Cox in the coming days so Cox can trace the scum bag down. Changed passwords, etc. One good thing though, as Cox finally took notice that I had been getting spam at a rate of 8-10 per day for all summer! They now are throwing much of my incoming mail in the trash bin, and I have to go fetch some of it, but I think that will level out in time. At least they got the spammers dead to rights, and that eliminates one source of irritation. The purchase of a wireless mouse and keyboard will fix another.

Newsletter Editor: R.W. Abraham

CPBE / CBNT Regional Engineer Cox Cable Wichita Retired


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